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Environmental Stewardship  
Countryside Stewardship replaces Environmental Stewardship (ELS, OELS, UELS and HLS) from 2015. It also incorporates Forestry Commission grants (replacing EWGS) and water quality grants (replacing Catchment Sensitive Farming). All existing ES agreements will be allowed to continue to full term, with some minor changes to payment timings and other changes related to ‘greening’ and ‘double funding’ which will affect agreements which started on or after January 2012. ES agreement holders will be given guidance on the availability of the new scheme as their current scheme approaches its end date.  
Key Facts about Countryside Stewardship  
  • All agreements will start on the 1st January each year the first start date available being 1.1.16. This requires annual application windows which will be from July to the end of September each year.
  • Most agreements will be for a 5 year term
  • 2 tiers are available for annual management agreements namely; Higher tier and Mid tier. Both tiers are targeted and competitive there will be no automatic points based entry.
  • Higher tier will generally replace HLS and will be led by Natural England who will either invite applications or 'filter expressions of interest'. Higher tier will not be open to speculative applications.
  • Mid tier applications will be more widely available but will be targeted according to local priority statements.
  • Mid tier applications will be scored and only those delivering options which meet local prioroties will be offered an agreement
  • 1 year capital grants are also available under Countryside Stewardship either as standalone agreements or as part of a Higher or Mid tier agreement
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